Friday, 27 March 2015
IMGKA - Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate

Welcome to the Budokan Karate Dojo official web page

Established in 1991, Budokan Karate dojo teaches traditional Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu karate. The dojo Chief Instructor is certified to teach Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu and licensed by headquarters in Okinawa, Japan. We are members of International Meibukan Gojyu-Ryu Karate-do Association, IMGKA, and are direct students of Master Meitatsu Yagi the Honorary Chairman, Kyoshi Akihito Yagi Chairman, and Kyoshi Akihiro Yagi Vice Chairman of the organization.  Kyoshi Ken Trebilcock is now Komon or Adviser for the worldwide organization, IMGKA, after being the General Secretary since the organization's inception in 2001. The organization has grown from a handful of members in 2000 to having over 70 dojo and hundreds of black belts worldwide.

Master Meitatsu Yagi and Kyoshi Akihito Yagi travel the world teaching seminars and try to get to Budokan Karate Dojo in Brantford to teach seminars at least annually and some years we have been fortunate enough to have a second teaching trip.

Kyoshi Ken Trebilcock is the owner and chief instructor at Budokan Karate dojo and has over 50 years of martial arts experience. Travelling to Okinawa, Japan, 13 times he has trained since 1992 under Grand Master Meitoku Yagi and his successor and heir Master Meitatsu Yagi. He holds the rank of Nanadan (7th Dan) and has been granted the Title of Kyoshi under his teacher Master Meitatsu Yagi. Kyoshi Trebilcock has over 30 years of teaching experience.  Budokan Karate Dojo originally was located at the home of Sensei Ken Trebilcock until a new dojo was purchased in 2005. Since then Budokan Karate’s home has been located at 69 Colborne Street West in Brantford.

Traditional karate is not about fighting but learning how a person can ‘win without fighting’.  Our main focus is on teaching a quality martial art which is all about health and effective self-defence.

Paraphrasing Master Meitatsu Yagi  ' The best instructor for you may not be close by or a relative or friend .... we have to seek out the best qualified instructor for ourselves'. This being said we are fortunate that we have many people who have trained and still train with us from distant places.  People have made the drive from Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge, London, Oshawa, Dunnville, Simcoe, Delhi, Guelph and Hagersville. We are also fortunate to have karate teachers from near and far visit and train with us.

We have traditional open classes which include all ranks, teens and adults, with a typical class size of 12-16 persons. Classes are conducted Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 12 noon to 130pm, Monday and Wednesday evening from 700 – 900pm, Thursday evening 700 - 830pm, and Saturday morning from 11 – 1230 PM. 

Children classes for 5-8 years & 8-11 years of age are 3 times a week with typical class size of 6-15 children. Children’s classes focus on strengthening exercises, basic block, punch, kick with some interactive drills and the forms of Traditional Gojyu-Ryu Meibukan Karate-Do.